Sell Miles
1. How do I sell my airline frequent flyer miles to a travel broker?
The award travel broker emails, phones or faxes the itinerary and terms to you.
Either you, the broker or the passenger makes the reservation.
You will ticket online, by phone or in person.
The travel broker sends payment upon airline confirmation of e-ticketing.
2. What if the passenger cancels after I order the ticket and before the broker pays me?
The broker should reimburse any fees you may have already paid the airline.
The broker should also reimburse the airline redeposit fee when you return
the unused ticket to the airline for mileage credit.
3. What if the passenger cancels after the broker pays me?
The award travel broker may ask you to order another ticket
after the unused ticket has been redeposited and the mileage re-credited.
4. Why should your problem in Questions #2 and #3 concern me?
Clients usually pay in advance and understand that their award tickets are nonrefundable.
Nevertheless, people can become very unpleasant about demanding refunds.
If you're unwilling to redeposit and re-issue award tickets please tell the broker in advance.
Cancellations don't happen often but health problems and other events change travel plans.
Buy Airline Tickets
1. How do I buy airline frequent flyer awards from award travel brokers?
Please read the Terms and Pricing page before requesting an airfare.
Your payment and ticket are non-refundable and payment in advance of ticketing is required.
Brokers understand that poor health and other events may force you to cancel your trip
but frequent flyers are often reluctant to redeposit unused tickets for mileage credit and
then re-order tickets in your name or other passenger name(s).
Try to re-schedule. Your award tickets are generally valid for one year from the ticketing date.
1. Can I buy miles from a broker to add to my account?
Most airlines sell miles to their frequent fliers.
Brokers may sell miles or points to add to your account for less than the airline charges.
2. Can I trade my miles for miles in a different frequent flyer program?
Ask your broker.
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